Friday, June 17, 2011

Microsoft opens up its system to developers Kinect PC

The U.S. company Microsoft has released, Thursday, June 16, codes of his video game system without a controller Kinect. Developers can design the operating system Windows 7 applications using this technology gesture recognition. This is a "free public beta for non-commercial applications," said Microsoft.

A commercial version of the developer kit is expected "at a later date," the company said Redmond. Kinect uses a camera and recognition software to allow users to play video games on the Xbox 360 from Microsoft using natural body movements and voice commands instead of the traditional controllers.

The system Kinect has sold over 10 million copies between November 2010 and March, according to Microsoft. Shortly after the release of the device, developers had already published on the Web pilot "open source", to imagine new features for the device. Read also: Kinect, hackers in control

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