Thursday, June 30, 2011

+ Google restricts the dispatch of invitations

Google + blocked for several hours sending invitations to enter its social network. The avalanche of requests, explained in his blog, have been forced to take this step. If a surfer and a member of the new Google social network you can invite your friends and entering Google manages it. Some netizens have sent fifty guests in minutes.

Upon entering the user will see how to collect all the information from Google Profile: Flickr account, YouTube, blog, Quran, Twitter or Facebook. If desired, it will then be published to display in Google +1. The name comes precisely from the way they have contacts say something to your liking.

You click on the "+1" at the bottom of each post. As the "like" Facebook. You can also comment and this itself is new, edit the contents in case of error. The first sensation is of order. Is the information organized into three columns. Two lateral, narrow, and a plant in which you can share links, photos, videos and location.

The latter does not make much sense from the desktop but from mobile phones. In the Android Market can download the application for this service. Again, part of strategy to create anxiety: what good is having the program without an invitation? Google + works on three axes. Circles, to decide who will access depending on whether each contact is a personal friend, colleague or share the football team.

The level of permission management is remarkable. A correction to the errors of Wave Buzz.

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