Thursday, June 30, 2011

Samsung calls for iPhone and iPad import

The South Korean giant Samsung Electronics said Thursday it had filed a complaint against the United States to prevent Apple from importing several of its most famous products manufactured abroad: new episode in the war of patents contrasted with its rival. Samsung filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission United States (ITC) and called for a ban on imports of iPod (portable), iPad (tablets) and iPhone (mobile) in the U.S. market.

The South Korean group accuses Apple of violating five of its patents related to wireless technologies. This complaint is the latest episode of the struggle between the two groups. Apple and Samsung, who market such as smartphones and iPhone S Galaxy, filed complaints against each other since April, are accusing each other of copying and infringing patents.

Last week, Apple filed a new complaint, this time in Seoul, demanding the ban of sales of the latest products from Samsung, which it accuses of copying its smartphone and its touch pad. Despite the fierce competition they are engaged, both groups have close relations in the production of components (processors) in particular.

The American group in 2010 was the second largest customer of Samsung (after the Japanese Sony), representing 4% of annual sales of South Korea.

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