Thursday, June 16, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever, the missed appointment

Duke himself acknowledges from the beginning: "After twelve years of waiting, the game had better be good." Unfortunately, the result is not up to expectations. Duke Nukem Forever, released June 10, is indeed one of the most legendary games and the most anticipated video game history. In the 1990s, the adventures of Duke, who saved the planet from alien invasion, players were stunned by his offbeat character at the time.

Postponed repeatedly, this last episode was finally achieved by the studio Gearbox, which was able to complete the project. TIME disabled dependent Despite the time elapsed, the game leaves an impression of incompleteness. Bugs textures, graphics, very little detail in some passages, as paradoxically gives the impression of having been released prematurely.

Even more debilitating for the player experience, load times between each game level and every death of Duke. They are particularly frustrating in the passages most oriented "action", requiring the player to wait tens of seconds to try again. The player can take advantage of the many waiting to learn by heart the little tubes that scroll on the screen.

For example: "When you shoot, avoid the bullets." This is a hallmark of Duke Nukem: humor very first level, directly inherited from the older albums. But then again, Duke Nukem Forever falls flat. If references to religion from Duke phrases ("I've come to chew bubblegum and kick some butt, and I'm out of gum.") Remain essential, the game repeatedly crossed the thin line that separates the refusal of the politically correct gender bias.

Where the first Duke Nukem had caused a scandal because it could distribute tickets for strippers, Duke Nukem Forever pushing the boundaries much further. The game is not for sale to persons under 18 years - a listing due to the gore of the title, but also several passages sexually very explicit.

FALSE IMPRESSION OF FREEDOM Despite its flaws, Duke Nukem Forever offers rhythmic passages and fun, like a shooting container moved by a crane. The giant boss at the end of level provide epic battles and special weapons - ray gun, rifle dwarfing - are as entertaining as ever. But the fact that Duke can carry two weapons and formulaic character of most of the fighting - the successive waves of three or four different types of enemies - give a repetitive nature to those moments of pure action.

In passages oriented "think tank", the technical limitations of the game are also felt. Duke can interact with many elements of the set to get a permanent bonus. But in practice, and especially past the first level, the number of usable objects remains small. A restriction which, added to the linearity of the levels, giving a false impression of freedom.

During the most original Duke Nukem Forever, including those where Duke is narrowed and must make their way in a suddenly more complex, suffer from a defect close enough: sometimes too long or too linear, they quickly become tiresome. Finally, after twelve years of waiting, Duke Nukem Forever is not revealed to the height of the legend.

Despite some nice passes and a side défouloir succeeded in some fights, the game will not mark the spirits as they did, in their time, the first adventures of Duke.

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