Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Arrest of a suspected member of the group of hackers LulzSec

A joint FBI and Scotland Yard has arrested a 19 year sman , suspected of belonging to the group of hackers "Lulz Security", the source of multiple attacks against Web sites in recent weeks. The young man was arrested in Essex, northeast of London. Substantial equipment was seized at the scene of the arrest and he was placed in custody in London.

"The arrest is linked to Lulz Security attacks . We think it is very significant," he said to the spokesman of the police. Lulz Security, a group unknown until a few weeks ago, has claimed since mid-May attacks against PBS television and Fox, a major porn site, sites linked to CIA, FBI and U.S. government, to video game publishers and the British police. In some of these attacks, the group used a technique called "denial of service" to block official sites by overwhelming requests. In other cases, hackers managed to penetrate the networks of their targets and to steal information, they then posted on their website.

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