Sunday, June 12, 2011

E7, the Nokia mobile keyboard

The competition is great. So it should be distinguished. You get with your Nokia E7, although it should be recalled that he produced in 1996. To teach your sliding screen keyboard, with room for fingers, a thing of the past century, though I weigh almost three times the current (397 grams versus 176), and that this E7 is heavy with respect to its jurisdiction.

The slider is much appreciated, especially if you type. In principle, perhaps because of its price, was thought to professionals, but not why. The quality is not just for entrepreneurs, and their cost does not scare, accustomed to the iPhone and others. His other great quality is the camera, eight megabytes, double flash and Carl Zeiss lens.

The addict no Symbiam will struggle with the change of operating system, certainly more complicated than iOS or Android, but you get used to a few days.

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