Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Fund victim of a cyber attack

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been the target of a cyber attack, confirmed Saturday a spokesman for the IMF, which is added to the list of leading institutions victims of a cyber attack. "The Fund is fully operational," assured David Hawley, indicating that an investigation was underway into the incident.

From a computer security expert who worked with the IMF and World Bank, the objective was to install spyware into the computer system of the IMF which would have allowed a State to have an "internal digital presence" on the network. "It was a targeted attack. The computer code was developed and circulated for this purpose," said Tom Kellerman, who works for the International Protection CyberSecurity Alliance.

Jeff Moss, a hacker who works for the Department of Homeland Security, said that the attack was carried out on behalf of a State wishing to obtain sensitive information on the strategies of the IMF or harm the reputation of international institution. Federal agents from the FBI involved in ongoing investigations to trace the source of the attack, said a spokeswoman for the U.S.

Department of Defense. But experts say computer security issues that might be difficult to establish with certainty which country is the source of the intrusion. The intrusion would occur before the arrest for sexual assault on 14 May, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, director of the IMF. The New York Times, the IMF Board was alerted last Wednesday of an attack in progress for several months.

In an email on June 8 to IMF employees, the Chief of Information, Jonathan Palmer, reported suspicious transfers of files found in the previous week. "The investigation determined that the Fund's computer was compromised and used to gain access to certain systems of the Fund," he wrote in the email.

At the World Bank, "sister institution" of the IMF, an official said that the connection with the IMF was suspended as a precaution.

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