Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Babynes" Nestlé's new device

We know that the gadgets go far beyond a mobile device: they have covered all our lifetimes. That is why today we present a very special device for your kitchen: the new gadget for Nestlé, who is dedicating to create a parallel market of dairy products. Its executives have announced "Babynes" a machine that prepares your baby's bottle.

Making your life easier every time, Nestlé has launched its line of individually wrapped in capsules, which are concentré ideal dose for the consumption of milk and baby products. Along with these parts, has introduced "Babynes" this electronic coffee even easier your work. Does your role? as does "Nepresso" you only have to press a button in less than a minute, the system detects the right portions and produce the necessary food for your baby.

This product offers a substitute for all infants not breastfed may be one of six formulas with basic nutritional supplements for children up to three years. Once again, we see how technology is at the service of all, congratulations!

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