Friday, June 24, 2011

Data processing Assault against Arizona Police

Assaults computer to Internet sites continue relentlessly. The most notable of late has taken against the police in Arizona. Lulzsec group to protest the immigration policy of the state, claims to have obtained documents related to border control. Under the slogan "Chinga La Migra," have obtained contact details of several people whose authenticity has been confirmed by Reuters.

The protest is related to the law passed last year in this state bordering Mexico that ordered the police to request accreditation to anyone suspected of having illegally entered the country. The measure has been criticized by the Hispanic community when considering that it is unconstitutional and organizes a veritable siege against its citizens.

Lulzsec, whose site in Twitter, and has 240,000 followers, is also the author of a denial of service attack against the Brazilian government information sites that have been blocked.

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