Tuesday, June 28, 2011

iPhone, Apple iPhone by doubling with low cost

The Apple fans were already swallowing the bitter fruit of betrayal, the postponement of the much of the new iPhone launch, presented regularly at the beginning of each summer, when Apple here hanging from the tree of not one but two iPhone by. The wait and the delay will be worth two good iPhone in September, and so the world can bite in all its delicacy not only the highly anticipated iPhone 5 but also a new model dubbed dell'iPhone4 iPhone4S.

And 'more than a novelty: it is a small revolution for the world renowned house of Cupertino hi-tech not only for design and technology of its products but also for the cost much higher than average. The iPhone4S will be the first phone Apple's low cost if not cheaper at least. What's more, will also be the first product with which Steve Jobs will offer turnkey prepaid service to its customers.

4S The iPhone will sell it to $ 350: $ 150 less than the elder brother. More. The mini-iPhone will be released: that is, it will not be linked, as is often the case here in the U.S., a special operator. A move with which Jobs moving to the attack of that billion and go to consumers in 98 countries (the calculation is an expert in Information Week) have so far snubbed the Apple because they prefer the ticket and prepaid sim: offers the best price from the most convenient when operators.

The arrival of the mini iPhone was one of the most talked about new technosphere in recent times. Some analysts had even driven to assume a new name, the iPhone Nano, iPod Nano in the wake of those with which Apple has gone to attack the mass market for MP3 and less elite (again, the iPod cost me) .

The bet 4S iPhone now comes from a source above all suspicion: Chris Whitmore, the computer analyst at Deutsche Bank, which is not really a club of nerds and talkative. The move by Steve Jobs, the phone of "medium range" would be determined - Whitmore writes - the desire to "aggressively penetrate" the market precisely the "mid-range phones" at the very moment when "Nokia and Rimm, home that produces the Blackberry, is fighting to stay afloat.

" It 'a segment of the market where Apple already has to contend with the unstoppable advance of the products Android, Google's operating system from Samsung that down more and more big brands are using. The surprise 4S iPhone back on the course waiting for the other part of the tandem, ie, 5 of which is the fabled iPhone.

Here, the rumors abound. Apple has postponed the launch in September for a number of reasons: on one hand is still pushing iPad 2, on the other - find out now - the iPhone will be small. In between, a lot 'of technical troubles, amplified by the tsunami, however, the Japanese sent a crisis in the market for cheap.

But everything was now ready for launch in September. Larger screen, a new antenna (after the fool that had forced Steve & co. To give the enclosures to prevent the fall line), the amplified voice control, which provides for the redesign of the disappearance of the glass on the back ...

But of course it will be the new operating system and above all, the iOs5, what will make the difference between the previous models - and the younger brother 4S. Not to mention that the launch of two products will be accompanied, in September, to icloud, the new cloud which will bring along the whole library: even more and then will expand the capacity of your brand new iPhone.

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