Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Microsoft launches Office 365 objective, a more secure cloud

 Microsoft believes in the "cloud," the great cloud full of digital data and applications. The software giant also knows very well the safety issues raised by the transfer of information on the web, out of users' computers. And 'by 80 years, ever since viruses and virus were only assumptions that the company founded by Bill Gates analyzes the categories of information security.

But in the days of the symposium is Thrustworty Computing dedicated to data protection in the digital domain, that Microsoft decides to launch globally Office 365, the online version of the popular suite of business applications. Work online. The Project Office 365 is more ambitious than simple Word and Excel transhumance from the computer to the cloud.

The rest is already possible to work on office documents with online applications like Google Docs, but Microsoft has pointed to the definition of an online ecosystem that includes the Office applications, but also Sharepoint, Exchange and Lync. A real infrastructure for companies, according to Redmond of all sizes to work on the cloud.

After the globalization of markets is the shift of the digital environments, and Office 365 is not in fact a product dedicated to the occasional user. All plans are user fee, partre $ 2 per month, up to a 27-maxsimo. The principle of Office 365 is detached from a simple online collaboration.

The idea is that documents live in a "social", which defines a chain of access and opportunity for the participating users, who can work on the document in real time online. All in an environment that replicates the actual structure of an online office, and therefore includes tools for communication and video conferencing.

Steve Ballmer says: "The quality of the collaboration is fundamental to business growth. We think that a high level of technological cooperation should be affordable for everyone." Security as part of the development process. Data security in all of this is certainly a key point. The Security Development Lifecycle that Microsoft adopts for all its products, with security in mind fondamentalr nrl development process, thus also affects the architecture of the servers that host Office 365.

In the meetings of Computing Thrustworty is stressed over the years, the goals of cybercrime are passed from the simple intent to cause damage (from 86 to 95), to financial reasons in 2004, together with those policies since 2006. And while Microsoft works to minimize the procedures that ensure data security, the ideological conflict moves from the barricades in the street with Molotov Digital.

An element that, thanks to the difficulty that lawmakers meet with matter, in fact, is changing the economic performance of companies, and affects the market dynamics. But more than anything else, shows off Vulnerable governments and the backwardness of the government, while the evolving digital citizenship, and social categories as defined rights and duties.

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