Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monster offers a professional social network, integrated with Facebook

The company is Monster launches itself in the battle of the professional social networks. Called "BeKnown", the service, offered by the site of job advertisements, is part of the social network Facebook, which has over more than 600 million subscribers. But if this new network is seeking to take advantage of the number of Facebook users, it also means a clear distinction between the professional and private use.

"You can have a friend that we would never recommend to a job interview or does not our employer, so why mix the two when we're online?" Bremond argued Bruno, CEO of Monster France and Southern Europe, in a statement. Once the application is installed, the user has access to a new interface to display a particular profile page, a sort of resume online, but also to respond to job offers.

And to extend its professional social network in Facebook, BeKnown offers an integration of contacts from other social networks, including Twitter and LinkedIn. This service will, however, difficult to win, compared to other professional social networks already established, as Viadeo or LinkedIn, which has just entered the stock market.

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