Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Valencia technology to convert and view 3D images without glasses

Since he released his version of James Cameron 3D Avatar, the home viewer, you can enter from the dining room of his house in a universe where the characters seem to be within reach thanks to the famous glasses for viewing stereoscopic images. The Valencian company Mirage Technologies has now developed a technology capable of converting the 3D or stereoscopic images that display autostereoscopic three-dimensional images with the naked eye without using special glasses.

"This is the only company offering this conversion service, which has already led to companies producing 3D content, such as Underworld Studio Kronomav or show their productions in 3D screens without glasses," says the managing director of Mirage, Salvador Bayarri. "The forecast is that in three or four years will close the cycle of televisions 3D glasses and all technologies for 3D TV without glasses will be ready for commercial launch," project leader adventure.

"We are currently working to pass the relevant software to a hardware solution that can be included in future home or allow autostereoscopic television by connecting an external decoder or a TV Blu-ray 3D" Bayarri points in an interview. "Later this year we will have a first working prototype, and throughout 2012, there may already be a commercial system, depending on the response of potential industrial partners, ie, manufacturers of consumer electronics." The resulting software is the result of the R & D for nearly two-year start-up is located in the Science Park of the University of Valencia has taken place within his line of work devoted to applications 3D viewing without glasses.

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