Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bebo and MySpace are social networking techniques to protect minors

The European Commission believes that Bebo and MySpace are the only social networks 'on line' default protecting private profiles of minors so that only authorized contacts to access their personal data, according to the examination to be conducted to fourteen networks social among which are also Facebook, Myspace.

The Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes said he was "disappointed" by the outcome of this review and has urged companies to "engage a firm to remedy" the situation. Kroes explained that, besides preventing default unknown to contact minors without prior approval is important that the networks "protect the reputation" of these children on the Internet.

"Young people do not understand all the possible consequences of disclosure on the Internet too much detail about his private life. Education and parental supervision are necessary, but must be reinforced with extra protection until the young are ready to make decisions with full knowledge of the facts, "said the commissioner in a statement.

Most of the 14 companies under review offer children about safety issues in language adapted to their age, responds to requests for assistance and prevent these profiles are not accessible through external search engines. These are measures that the EU executive welcomes but felt inadequate, and there remains a risk of harassment or sexual solicitations over the Internet.

Among the problems identified, the most relevant to Brussels is only Bebo and MySpace profiles ensure that minors are not accessible by default more than those on its list of authorized persons.

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