Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Facebook revises its privacy settings

The social network Facebook has since Tuesday, August 23, new tools to enable its 750 million registered to have more control over their personal data. "Our intention is to facilitate the publication and to offer you a more interesting and easier to use, promises Chris Cox, product manager at Facebook, the official blog of the social network.

These changes will take effect in the coming days ". The main change is to allow members to check the criteria to share their messages, photos or articles, not having to go to the privacy settings page, but directly with new icons placed in a drop-down menu next to the content to broadcast.

Facebook also saw a controversial feature of the social network. Users can choose whether to allow the appearance of their profile pictures on which they were identified by other users. Until now, the pictures posted by "friends" could appear automatically on the profile of Internet users.

Preview Tool To ensure greater transparency, social network promises to preview how other users see the page of his profile. This feature resembles a similar tool, in the network + Google competitor. With these new parameters, Facebook also allows you to retroactively change a posting of a message on his profile.

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