Monday, March 14, 2011

Apple introduces changes to the application fee to protect minors

The payment system in the Apple app store was convenient and simple. Too easy and simple ... for children. Following complaints from consumers, Apple has modified the system by taking advantage of the new operating system entry iOS 4.3. If before the initial introduction of the password in iTunes was the ability to purchase applications or services they offer for 15 minutes without reintroducing the password, will now be necessary to do so every time you made a payment.

The weakness of the previous system a mother who lived it found with a bill of over a thousand dollars for purchases of add-ons that his son had done in the game Smurfs' Village. The authorities that regulate trade in the United States had formally concerned the payment system implemented by Apple after they arrived complaints from parents of children who had spent one case, $ 99 barrels of smurfberries in that game.

The purchase of virtual items, but with real money, it is difficult to distinguish simple for a child's game. The authorities had already expressed their concern about the lack of information or awareness that is incurring expenses involved in the previous system of purchasing the Apple application store.

An Apple spokesman stressed, however, that before introducing this measure, the company already offers parental control systems and restricted through iTunes purchases to avoid the incidental expenses. The Office of Washington, who had sent a letter to Apple last December to express concern about the issue has expressed its satisfaction at the extent to which comes after talks on the problem without raising a dispute.

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