Monday, May 30, 2011

The PBS site hacked by supporters of Wikileaks

The website of American public television network PBS was hacked on Sunday, allowing one or more persons to access the full content of the site. After taking control of the site, hackers have published several accounts and passwords on the Web and on-site, an article explaining that Tupac Shakur, the rapper famous shot in 1996, was still alive and had been found alive in New Zealand.

Piracy has been claimed by the group LulzSec, who had already claimed responsibility for attacks against sites of Fox News, Sony or MasterCard. While denying any affiliation with the informal group Anonymous, LulzSec claims to have participated in several operations launched at the initiative of it, including attacks against the official websites of Tunisian and Egyptian.

In an article published Sunday, LulzSec said he did not appreciate a report broadcast this weekend on PBS dedicated to Wikileaks and Bradley Manning, accused of being an informant of the site and detained in the U.S. United for a year. If PBS was able to quickly regain control of its site and unpublish the article on Tupac Shakur, parts of the site are still on Monday, under the control of LulzSec, including blogging platform.

According to computer security company Sophos, the method used to take control of the site was not very complex. Hackers have used tools freely distributed on the Internet that can inject malicious code into the databases are inadequately protected or poorly updated.

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