Monday, May 30, 2011

LA Noire, in the shadow of GTA

Sex cases, murder or drug trafficking in the City of Angels in the late 1940's ... Console XBox 360 and Playstation 3, LA Noire waives all the tricks of the thriller. With the history of Cole Phelps, a former soldier turned police detective in Los Angeles, Rockstar Games, best known for his series Grand Theft Auto (GTA), intends to revisit the novel black and offer a unique game mechanics.

Team Bondi, the Australian studio that designed the game to Rockstar, did not want to emulate the proven mechanical set of famous gangsters. Opting for greater screenwriting adventure, LA Noire was first removed from the completely open world of GTA. And while Grand Theft Auto places a high priority for action, the new title from Rockstar concentrates most of its game mechanics on the investigation and interrogation.

Throughout the investigation of Phelps, the player collecting clues and gathers evidence, as in the point and click genre fun enjoyed on the PC. With its system of examinations, which obliges the investigator to examine the emotions of the suspect, Team Bondi also quite effectively introduced a psychological dimension to its title.

Faced with the defendants, who can lie, get angry or refuse to answer, the player can indeed truly doubt and wonder if he does not throw an innocent man in prison. ROUTINE INVESTIGATIONS But these new elements can not remove the sense of routine that develops gradually over twenty-one business that will solve Cole Phelps during the fifteen hours a scenario somewhat disjointed.

Because the frame of investigation, the commission of the crime to the resolution of the case, is often the same. This is particularly true in middle game, when Phelps chasing what could be a serial murderer. Only a few epic situations, like a shooting scene in a setting of peplum or a chase with a bulldozer, bring a little variety to the player.

In an attempt to artificially give rhythm to the story, the designers also added action phases. But they often remain very predictable, are summarized in prosecution on foot or by car, or a few phases of fighting or shooting. During his exploration phases, Phelps finds newspapers regularly inviting him, when he seized it, to "see what hidden headlines" ...

It is precisely this historical parallel, this harsh light on the impulses of the townspeople, who too often lack the phases of the game LA Noire. With the homicide and that of morals, Rockstar could well tap into the shallows of human nature and describe the dark side of the City of Angels.

Yet the writers have largely under-exploited flaws Gallery Los Angeles. BAD CASTING The intrigue and characters involved are far from being staged with the same mastery as in the original works of James Ellroy, LA Confidential particular, clinically unseen forces at work in Los Angeles.

Just how is "treated" the Black Dahlia case in the set of Rockstar to be convinced. The secondary characters are not of particular importance, taking archetypes agreed. Strange for a game that takes place in Hollywood. LA Noire also uses coarse string of flashbacks to distill, from the investigations, the military past of the protagonist.

Unlike a title like Heavy Rain in the French studio Quantic Dream, which offers several such views in his story, LA Noire only authorized bit of daring in the narrative. Like the playful Western Red Dead Redemption, released last year, who managed to live the story of his hero with the great history of industrialization of the United States, the black dotted line depicts the difficult return former soldiers as Cole Phelps civil society.

But despite his contribution in terms of gameplay, LA Noire is in the shadow of major titles from Rockstar.

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