Monday, May 30, 2011

Live between smartphones and laptops? Calculate your diet digital

NEW YORK - Have you ever wondered how e-weighted? No, not really weigh what: kilo kilo less than what we all know. But what weighed on the internet instead. The use of gadgets. Use of electronics. It is not farfetched an idea of these - sorry the game Beta ETA - e-times. And indeed it is essential to respond positively if they fall into at least two of the five questions that e-America's most famous critic, Daniel Sieberg - the Tecnofirma who has split in recent years between CNN and CBS, ABC and Washington Post - puts out a book now.

And bluntly called "digital diet: how to break your addiction and regain balance in your digital life." Are you ready? A: I never beat it to pull out your mobile if you're talking about someone else? Two: did you ever send a text message or email while watching your son is telling you what has happened at school? Three: Did you ever feel that there is something really happened until you've posted on Facebook? Four: the small light that flashes on the Blackberry you makes your heart palpitate? And finally, the most terrible question that will almost certainly throw you in frustration: There has never happened to end up with your partner or your partner without saying a word because you are immersed both on your computer or cell phone? You say, is the e-life.

But in fact: that life is? What life has become ... Too bad that with all good intentions in the world out is difficult. For at least three main reasons. The first is that if you have finished inside you'll probably like it - and this is characteristic of any addiction: from smoking to alcohol.

The second is that it is full of fundamentalists out there way around: those for which you should stop forever and return to us as mother nature has created - beandovi fresh air and birdsong. The third reason is more complex. Who says that you are over-and-PPES? How do you know if you have e-weighed too much? Sieberg says well the expert: there is a table of calories on your iPhone or your computer.

There is the Body Mass Index - Body Mass Index - which compare your e-tone. So the Washington Post of the American establishment - the newspaper that ends up in the tow of any opionion maker - now provides a real Ten Commandments (actually it's eleven points) with which to compare your dependence on technology and computing your -weight.

The method is simple but effective. This is tot assign points to each technology that you possess: the mobile phone to the PC via the tablet. And in the end calculate which category of weight-and indented, low, medium or high? It's up to you at this point follow the advice of e-dietician.

The recipes will be tailored to suit your needs. But if you do not just fall backwards into fundamentalism began to do to detoxify your gadget giving up at least during the weekend - oh, do not have to always be available for work .... But doing it really seriously, throwing "everything that has a magazine" in the good old shoe box.

The goal is to get little by little - Sieberg's book provides "four step" - a complete distintossicazione "stretch" in short abstinence from week to end the week. Only when you arrive at zero - and the feel-dietitian - brought back slowly. Starting strictly no more than an hour a day. And do not ever coming back to the previous level of connectivity.

You are smiling? You're there in your e-whiskers to whisper: "What nonsense? But yes, the answer is well known: what is at the bottom of the toxic damage of any defect. I will manage it. In fact I have the cable: it is called multitasking that all contemporary quality to do more things at the same time? Talk: I'm listening.

And while I'm sorry if I look at the mail and send a text message .... And no. A study dell'autorevolissima Stanford University has shown that multi-tasking - in the long run - is harmful. That anyone who makes too much use is no longer able to extricate themselves "between the information important and unimportant ones." In fact often ends up to get "the most irrational decision." The poor Sieberg, who lived e-besità in person, came to feel hopelessly condemned by Richard degassed known neurological, because the "digital forces" - as if they were an army of Star Wars - truly end to "sculpt" the brain.

Exactly: how does the experience with that of children. Moreover, in this e-world that surrounds us we are all a bit 'children. It will not be time to (e) grow? HOW TO CALCULATE THE DIGITAL DIET 1) For each fixed phone you scored 3 points 2) For each laptop that you have scored 1 point 3) If a tablet that you have scored 2 points 4) For each e-reader that you have scored 1 point 5 ) For each service you use sms scored 5 points 6) For every identity that you are online, and that requires a different login, scored 5 points 7) for each desktop computer that you have scored 1 point 8) for each mail account scored two points that use 9) For every digital camera you scored 1 point 10) For any other gadgets that do not fall into this category but it needs a charger, add 1 point 11) For every blog you write or comment on which add 2 RESULTS LOW points Score: 24 points or less digital diet can help reduce a little 'stress MEDIUM Score: 25-35 points a digital diet can help to organize better and be slightly more healthy HIGH LEVEL score achieved: 36 points or more Change your level of addiction can really change your quality of life

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