Thursday, June 2, 2011

Windows 8 gaining fans

These past days have brought great news for the Redmond, from Taiwan come more advertising support for the next version of Windows. First came the ARM processor and is now Qualcomm has been added. From Computex 2011, the largest technology fair of the year to be held in Taipei, we heard that all processors Qualcomm Snapdragon line will have native support for the Windows platform 8.

No doubt Bill Gates and his family must be very happy that in recent days have gained much support from the component manufacturers. Undoubtedly, this partnership aims to strengthen both companies. On the one hand Microsoft that seeks to placate the success of Google and other Qualcomm you want to stop the advance of nVidia in the market for microchips.

Mike himself Angiulo, vice president of planning at Microsoft, said during the show "We work with Qualcomm because the devices help consumers Snapdragon Windows 8 to enhance the experience of their Windows devices and enable hardware manufacturers to test new and exciting (sic) for PC designs.

" Now only remains for us to wait until the manufacturers of gadgets to express respect and devices advertised on this platform, or not.

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