Thursday, June 2, 2011

NPM renamed again

Since the announcement of the second generation PlayStation Portable has less noise than expected, probably placated by the demands faced by the company or the constant attacks on PlayStation Network. The truth is that after listing the strengths have been cutting hardware, the possibility of 3D without glasses and some name changes.

Well, this time history repeats itself, the PSP2 nicknamed started and then was named as NGP (Next Generation Portable) could have been renamed. An "error" the webmaster of the official PlayStation website would have revealed what will be the final name for the portable console that Sony presented at the next E3.

Until a few hours away from the consoles could find a link to PS Vita termination. While this does not determine the link was in the same stream as the other consoles on the brand and interestingly after it was announced the news web officials gave low. Sony's console, with its delays and few relevant ads, has disappointed many fans of video games.

Hopefully what Sony has to teach during the upcoming E3 Conference in Los Angeles is truly amazing beyond his name to be PSP2, NGP or PS Vita.

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