Thursday, June 2, 2011

Samsung announces Galaxy Tab 3

For several years the world of technology is accelerating in its release. May be due to slow progress of technology and research to create "new" on products that lack the same, but what is clear is that models are becoming less "life" for manufacturers. Samsung seems to join this online and although we know just the second generation of its tablet and we are announcing the "Galaxy Tab 3." Among the new ad we find that the new generation of Galaxy Tab 4G come with support, something that certainly looking forward to many countries like the United States but is irrelevant when it comes to sales.

The real questions have been answered yet. What processor equipped? Will you have the "new" 3D without glasses? "Android, Windows, Meegan, dual-boot? Are the questions that many of us do but we could have taken to ask, if the ad were not so Early in season.

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