Thursday, June 2, 2011

Groupon files its record IPO

The U.S. website Groupon specialist discount coupons on services and local businesses, filed Thursday, June 2, a record IPO, indicating that he intended to raise $ 750 million. The Internet Group launched in November 2008 in Chicago did not indicate on what date he plans to launch the operation, including his boss and founder Andrew Mason had suggested Wednesday that it was a natural evolution.

In a letter to "potential shareholders" and published Thursday by the stock exchanges, Mr Mason said: "While we are pleased to become a listed company, we intend to continue to operate under long-term principles that brought us where we are, "including a strategy" resolved "to invest in growth and originality.

Mr. Mason said that in thirty months his company, through its more than 7,000 employees, had "offered more than a thousand daily deals with 83 million subscribers in 43 countries and sold over 70 million 'groupon' ". The company, which recorded a turnover of 713.36 million dollars in 2010, remains in exponential growth phase because the turnover of the first quarter alone has already reached 644.73 million dollars.

In contrast, a policy of massive acquisitions, among other factors, resulted in a net loss of 456.32 million dollars in 2010 and 146.48 million for the first quarter of 2011 alone.

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