Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Internet Accelerator French growth

According to a McKinsey published Wednesday, March 9, funded by Google, the Internet sector plays a "significant" on the French economy, creating jobs for company performance. The cabinet considers this potential could be further developed through public policies. The "internet industry" study by economists at the firm includes the activities of telecommunications "votes" via the Internet (VoIP), operations (hardware and software) related to the Internet, and economic activities with the Web to support, such as e-commerce or online advertising, irrespective of business activity.

Its direct contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) French is estimated at 60 billion euros in 2009, representing 3.2% of the total, and 72 billion euros in 2010, representing 3.7% of annual GDP, according to this study largely funded by the search engine Google. 1.15 million jobs in the Internet sector's contribution plus the indirect effects of the Web, that is to say the purchases made in the physical distribution networks, but facilities, prepared or raised by preliminary research Online.

They are estimated at about 28 billion euros in 2009, according to the study. In employment, the Internet can now also be credited with 1.15 million jobs, or 4% of the workforce, nearly 700 000 direct jobs created over the last fifteen years, McKinsey emphasizes in his study. The Web is also an "accelerator development", particularly for SMEs.

Each euro invested by a company in Web technologies (websites, emails, software) "was translated by two euro operating margin" and "every dollar spent on online marketing reported earnings of EUR 2.5" the study said. "Margins of progress" still exist "to exploit the full potential of digital France," according to the study, which takes for example the "deliberate policy of promoting the industry" in countries like the U.S.

or Japan.

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