Friday, August 5, 2011

Google offers voice calls worldwide

The announcement has been modest. Google has simply published an article on its official blog, and little by little, Gmail users have been featured, along with their contact GTalk instant messaging service, an icon with a green phone. Clicking on it are invited to phone without leaving the mail from your computer.

The search engine joins Skype, Jajah or Tango, we also offer voice services over the Internet. The service for voice calls through Google was born on an experimental basis over a year ago but was only available for some users in the United States and Canada. The service allows calls to 150 countries and each has a different rate.

To start using this service you must charge the account through the payment system, Google Checkout, which is to transfer funds from a credit card that will diminish as you use the service. The call quality is quite similar to the traditional telephone, but stops short of fidelity achieved by its direct competition, Skype, the last great acquisition for Microsoft. Unlike Skype, Google does not allow for a virtual number now have to come out as a sender or receive calls from it. In addition, no bond for unlimited monthly calling.

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