Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Japan calls for more safeguards before relaunching Sony PSN

PlayStation Network (PSN), the online gaming service Sony has been reactivated in Tech Buzz News full, with the exception of Japan, after a break of more than two weeks decided by the Japanese giant in the wake of large-scale cyber attacks against its services. Sony had resolved to cut off access to PlayStation Network and several other gaming services and online music after the discovery of a large-scale piracy, which allowed one or more users to access data personally inscribed on its networks.

According to Sony, the bank details of customers were not affected, but the company refused to rule out this possibility. The restarting of the NHP has gradually started this weekend, starting with the United States. Users must download an update and reset their password before you can again access the network.

Some services, including the PlayStation Store, are currently inaccessible. But in his own country, Sony is facing additional challenges of economic and political order. The Ministry of Economy has asked the company to demonstrate the safety of its system before allowing it back online.

The department requests such as Sony gives assurance that protective measures announced in two press conferences, 6 and 13 May are in place. The ministry also asked the company to detail the measures taken to regain the trust of its clients, including demonstrating that its payment system is secure.

Sony must submit 26 May its financial results, which should greatly suffer from piracy.

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