Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Parliament approved the law on the price of digital books

Parliament has finally adopted Tuesday 17 evening by a final vote-almost-unanimous National Assembly, a bill UMP on the digital book, which provides that the publisher set a price that is valid not only in France but also abroad. This last provision, called "extraterritoriality clause" is contrary to European legislation, argued Lionel Tardy (UMP), the only member who voted against it initiated by his fellow senators UMP.

The clause was eventually imposed by the senators to UMP deputies, who initially thought that France could not impose its law on the book value of digital platforms such American Amazon. AN "ACT FOUNDER" "It is a founding legislation for the book industry," said Minister of Culture, Frederic Mitterrand, upon adoption by the National Assembly of the conclusions of the compromise text emerged from the joint committee (WPC Assembly-Senate).

The minister hailed a "historic breakthrough", "30 years after the Lang Law" of 1981 the price of book. PS MP Patrick Bloche welcomed this "law of anticipation," while the digital book still represents members from only 1% of the publishing market. His colleague Marcel PS Rogemont stressed that the text provided "a fair and equitable" authors to exploit their works online.

CPF members and the Left Party have also voted for at the last show of hands. Same thing for the group represented by New Centre Philippe Folliot: "This law may be challenged by the European Commission. We have two years to put forward our arguments and defend the cultural exception." TOWARDS A CONFRONTATION WITH THE EU? This rare unanimity has just been disturbed by the usual maverick of the UMP, Lionel Tardy: "We chose the path of confrontation with Brussels, as the tax Telecoms.

I'm tired of voting laws that we know are contrary to Community law. " The text provides a definition of digital books. It requires "all broadcasting a digital book publisher in France to set a sale price," modular "based on content, access and use of the offer." This award is therefore to French broadcasters and foreign, under the extraterritorial jurisdiction.

The government will report annually to Parliament on the implementation of this Act be deemed to anticipate the growth of digital book market, unlike what happened with music.

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