Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Hard Drive connected via Wi-FI

Has finally reached a new hardware connected via wi fi. This is the first battery-powered hard drive that will allow you to use wherever you are, and without connections, incredible! The new invention has been developed by the company Seagate is the GoFlex Satellite. A hard drive self is what we were expecting both to allow us to use your laptop anywhere without being outstanding connections.

If you are interested in obtaining it, and you can do it via App Store has Apple device synchronization and enable you to perform any actions without taking up internal memory of your device. For more information, we told you that has a memory of no less than 500 GB! In addition, the new Seagate hardware will allow you to access external files using the new application "GoFlex Media" that you connect through its system of Wi-Fi 802.11n.

Failure to have a Wi Fi device also includes USB ports to transfer information between different gadgets. Its battery will allow you to continued use of up to 5 hours and up to 25 in standby mode. Finally, a hard disk that we solve various problems, congratulations!

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