Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Magefertigte headphones: This is completely in the ear

Listen here! Annoy you constantly about this time fitze earphones for MP3 players and mobile phones, which always fall out or blow out bad sound? It's much better with custom models. Matthias Kremp has tried it - and is impressed. Even when actually on-the-ear headphones are currently in demand again: the majority of mobile-music-lovers can be the sound of their MP3 players and smartphones via earphones sound in the ear canal.

For good reason, because earphones are so small that you can always take them, and are the devices on the purchase at most. Also there is a reason: ordinary earphones are cheap to manufacture - and often, unfortunately, in the sound. Their greatest disadvantage of getting on buses and trains with fellow passengers and, if they have inadvertently listen to what you are sitting next to roars onto the eardrum.

For normal earphones are only loosely in the ear canal to move to idle at every movement and conduct much of their energy from the ear out - which tries to compensate for some users with volume. Work better in-ear earphones. To be pushed directly into the ear canal, blocking ambient noise and the sound can bring in the short distance to the eardrum.

Sounds good, but is not always comfortable. Although supply most manufacturers of such earplugs earplugs with various sizes, shapes and different materials, but also a perfect match succeeds so little. With the silicone syringe into the ear, also with me, who, along with varying ear canals fail again and again about to find for the left and right ear right sleeves.

But there is an alternative: fitting pieces to measure, so-called ear devices that you can customize the hearing. A few manufacturers of ear buds, they offer as an option for their products, two of which I've tried: the Etymotic and HF3 Beyerdynamic MMX 100 iE Individual.

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