Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Facebook vs. Google to sell profilidegli users to advertisers

Let's say you do not like. Google and Facebook, the two titans that have millions of computer users for e-mail services, search and social media, they're coming at loggerheads. Maybe not in the spotlight, certainly behind the scenes. Last week it was discovered that Facebook had paid a public relations firm to "speak ill" of the opponent.

In the inbox of the gurus of new technologies had reached an email asking to write an editorial about "some developments regarding the privacy services offered by Google." The letter assured help in preparing and placing the article, which was published in a newspaper of interest: maybe the Washington Post ol'Huffington Post.

Among the recipients of the email was Chris Soghoian, a leading light of the Internet, new technologies and security risks, which asked the sender: "Who pays you?" Not getting clear answers. After some research, an online Best The Daily found that Facebook was asking for the study of public relations Burson-Marsteller to put Google in a bad light.

Soghoian has advocated for years, the media and on his blog, the privacy of Internet users. He has already written to privacy, security and Google, and that is why the email has suspicious. Great computer expert, has risen to the headlines for having demonstrated a flaw in the American air navigation systems, creating a program that churns out boarding passes with any name and destination for aircraft of Northwest Airlines.

Another company of the young guru, always in defense of privacy and security, the battle is just asking for Google to use a particular security, called SSL, to protect the email accounts from prying eyes. In May 2010, experts agreed Gmail. A few weeks later, coincidentally, Iran blocked Google accounts, proposing a national email service, according to many, would serve to check the correspondence of those who oppose the regime.

But back to the dispute with Facebook. What men have not digested by Mark Zuckenberg is that Google is mapping the connections of its users, listing, lists of friends and social media used by each Gmail user. The goal is the same as Facebook: habits and collect personal information on Internet users and sell them to advertisers, so that they can be used for targeted advertising.

This would create a global mapping of social networks, engulfing him even the creature of Zuckenberg. Fidelity Investments of users and advertisers are the real stakes in this battle of the titans.

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