Monday, August 1, 2011

Randi Zuckerberg: "The anonymity of the Internet must go"

Anonymity on the Internet must go. So strong has been shown to Randi Zuckerberg, head of social network marketing and sister of the founder of it. In a debate, Randi holds that people behave better when his real name is visible. "I think people hide behind the anonymity and have the idea to say whatever they want behind the closed door." The comment has prompted the predictable debate.

While some argue that anonymity protects the insidious, others point out that it is a vital weapon to preserve freedom of expression on the Internet, particularly in countries tyrannical. Some also considered that large social networks is against anonymity for reliable commercial data bases.

Randi says that ending anonymity would help combat the digital harassment and spam. On Facebook, but real name is requested, may be waived on the record as evidenced by the accounts in the names of pets or real promoters of spam. Randi's reflection is not alone. Blizzard wanted to improve the quality of the comments on your site and announced the abolition of pseudonyms.

The news prompted more than 44,000 comments in the U.S. and the company decided to withdraw its plans to the evidence that they were not welcome. A company that has already taken steps in this direction is Google's new social network. Google + does not want its members are identified with pseudonyms or invented names.

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