Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Patents: Apple gets to postpone the release of a Samsung tablet

Samsung announced on Tuesday, August 2, he does not market the state's shelf Galaxy 10.1 in Australia after having reached an agreement with Apple had filed a complaint, accusing the South Korean intellectual property infringement. Ten patents are concerned, identified by the Sydney Morning Herald. "Apple has filed a complaint with the Federal Court of Australia, for a version of the Galaxy 10.1 that Samsung did not intend to sell in Australia.

The court made no injunction and the parties reached an agreement that provides that the version in question will not be marketed in Australia, "says Samsung in a statement. The group says its tablet Galaxy 10.1 will be sold later in the Australian market. He stated that the agreement with Apple does any of its smartphones or any of its other tablets, or Australia or elsewhere.

The dispute began in April when the U.S. filed a complaint against South Korea before a court in California, considering that the Galaxy range of smartphones and multimedia Samsung shelves was an imitation of its iPhone and iPad. Samsung then, too, filed suit against Apple, again for reasons of patent infringement.

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