Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Apple may sell TVs in 2012

Apple will launch three models of HDTVs in March 2012. It's a rumor, but the rumors are trademarks of the house .... The 42-inch model could have a remarkable resemblance to the Bose Vawe Video. A single optical cable would transmit the image, sound and data and televisions would be highly linked logically to the ecosystem of the manufacturer.

With a thickness of eight inches would have a remarkable display of speakers, 16, to deliver a unique sound quality. The processor would be PA Semi, a company acquired by Apple this year. Would be connected to iTunes and the price of high-end model would be around five thousand dollars.

The rumor has emerged following a note to investors Trip Chowdhry of one of its analysts. The news comes a few days to publish news about Google TV unkind. The manufacturer of encoder Revue Logitech has dropped the selling price of $ 249 to 99 which represents a cost of $ 34 million on the results of the group.

Encoder sales were "slightly negative" between April and June this year, according to Logitech. The returns have been higher than a sales "very modest" in his own words. Logitech expects the improvements to Google TV, the incorporation of the Android application store, encourage supply.

Logitech believes that the buyer perceived a notable difference between the price too much product and the value he gave to it. The lower prices for "override this misunderstanding."

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