Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Apple icloud is already on the Internet

Anticipating the release of their full service in the cloud, icloud, Apple has released the first version for web developers. The site features an interface similar to Me. com, service to replace next year. For now, icloud provides mail, contact management, publishing and events calendar and access to Find My iPhone.

It also describes the storage of documents created with tools from Apple. icloud as a service file synchronization replace MobileMe, introduced three years ago. The storage in this service will continue even if you have made the transition to icloud until its closure on June 30, 2012. In parallel, the company has published the rates of extra storage.

The first 5 GB are free. To get 10 GB more, the customer must pay $ 20 annually. 20 GB of storage will cost $ 40 extra per year and 50 GB added to the five provided free of charge will mean an annual payment of $ 100. Apple will reimburse within a specified period of extra storage acquisitions that MobileMe cancelen.20 extra GB costs $ 49 and annual recruitment of 40 extra GB is $ 99 but offers a free minimum.

In June this year transcended the purchase by Apple icloud domain. com, which was owned by a Swedish company, Xcerion. No one knows the price of it, but says the figure of 4.5 million. In April, Xcerion migrated its service in the Internet cloud (cloud) icloud. com to CloudMe. com and since then redirects visitors to this address.

To access icloud. com Apple asks the surfer have the latest version of Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.

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