Thursday, May 19, 2011

A fake virus targets Mac

Much rarer than their PC viruses to Mac OS, the operating system from Apple, however, exist. Since early May, a malware called Mac Mac Defender or Protector posing as antivirus software is deployed on Mac, causing congestion in the service of Apple customers, reports ZDNet, quoting an unnamed official: "Many people fall into the trap .

Our call number is four to five times higher than normal, and the vast majority of these calls are Mac Defender and its variants. " The software operation is relatively straightforward: after clicking a link botched, the user is presented with a fake "virus scan" on its screen, which "is" obviously a lot of problems - nonexistent - and offers solve them by installing Mac Defender.

If the user agrees, windowing ups appear regularly until the user enters his credit card number - to avoid - or uses a dedicated software to remove this malware. Some variants of the program go away, automatically displaying pornographic pop-ups to force the user to pay. If Mac OS is traditionally referred just by the creators of malware, its progress in terms of market share makes it a target of increasingly attractive to criminals.

Mac Malware Defender is a fairly effective, but the program remains somewhat craft: in the false detection of viruses, Mac Defender shows a window that looks like ... a Windows box.

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