Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kindle beat the paper book on Amazon wins the e-book

ROME - This time we have. After listing more or less likely to overtake the eBook in the volumes of paper, now the numbers are all there. There are no more distinctions between precious and economic issues to affect the calculation as in the past, and officially announced that the Amazon e-book sales now surpass traditional books, and without considering free content or offers.

The ratio is 105 to 100 per title, a gap still light, but of great significance. Was meant to happen, also because of the decline in the price of Kindle e-book reader from Amazon, and the introduction of an even cheaper version, supported by advertising. Already last July, sales of books for Kindle have exceeded sales of hardcover books, now they have surpassed even those of economic issues, the "paperback".

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, said the success of e-books and seems almost surprised by overtaking on the hard copy editions: "Customers prefer the books for Kindle to traditional books. I thought this could happen quickly, but we did not expect could happen so soon. " Amazon sells books online for 15 years of paper and electronic versions for less than four.

But recently, the permeability of our lives, technology has experienced a surge clear. And this also means greater distribution of content that these technologies can accommodate. The Kindle is now in its third generation and that is it the best selling of all time, partly because of aggressive marketing policy of the company Bezos, who has allowed a major expansion in the market.

But there are a few rumors that point to the possibility that Amazon may, by the end of the year, going into the battlefield of Apple and Google with a new tablet. The application Kindle to purchase and read electronic books already exists for the rest of the IOS and Android, and a tablet of Amazon would be the most logical move for the inventors of the e-book.

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