Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chrome for OS and ChromeBook June 15

As you saw in those days there was the Google I / O 2011, where Google has introduced many new features, and one of these is the new operating system OS Chrome, Chrome-based browser, which is different from other systems to be completely online and very low cost for the software to hardware. The debut of the Google brand new operating system, is scheduled for June 15, both in Italy and in other countries and will debut on two laptops ChromeBook, Samsung and Acer.

The uniqueness of this new operating system, as well as boot in 8 seconds, as we said is that they make everything around the web, although some functions can be performed offline, such as Google Docs, Google Calendar and Gmail. Click to enlarge Google has added a file manager that allows you to manage external devices and the ability to Chrome Web app to manage local files.

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