Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sony announces change passwords resume

In its official blog, and a translation criticism, Sony announced it would resume the password change in the PlayStation Network and, anyway, can be done from the PlayStation. Sony denies that the problem was due to a new external attack and attributed to a technical problem. The company closed yesterday the platform from where the password change due to needs "maintenance for an indefinite period." On the reasons for this new service block, some media spoke of a new assault.

Still others predicted it could be a precautionary measure after it was warned in some places as nyleveia that anyone in possession of the email address and date of birth of the user could perform on their own password change others. Knowledge of these data is easy because they were committed after the assault last April to PlayStation Network.

This situation occurred when Sony was expanding information Welcome Program. In Sony's official blog announced that the PlayStation Network customers will, for one year free insurance covering the consequences of identity theft. This is another measure of program called Welcome to compensate customers blocking the platform after an intrusion that compromised the data of seventy million customers.

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