Thursday, May 19, 2011

Microsoft changes the format of Xbox 360 discs

Microsoft will introduce a new format, XGD3 (Xbox Game Disk 3), consoloa discs for Xbox 360. This will allow you to provide more capacity, a gigabyte and more security against intrusion by third parties. To the consoles read this new format, the company distributed, and it has done in beta, an updated version of the same that also lets you use a PayPal account for payments.

However, after announcing the change have been some doubt that this can be applied on all consoles. While some media say that the tests have demonstrated the compatibility of the new program with all of them, others claim that some consoles can offer for reading problems. Microsoft has kept this event and announced that customers who detect a problem reading your console should contact Xbox so they can verify whether the introduction of that change was made correctly.

However, according to Eurogamer, Microsoft does not link these problems with the above update. According to a company, "is not related to the upcoming update that has been in public beta phase. Additionally, this error message disk read is bound to a change in the algorithms for reading disc a recent software update, and is not specific to older versions or new Xbox 360.

" Although Microsoft says the problem has been detected in a few cases, the company will change the console to those which were found to suffer from the problem of reading.

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