Thursday, May 19, 2011

Data Leakage: TMG announced it filed a complaint

The CEO of Trident Media Guard (TMG), the company commissioned by the rights holders to monitor P2P networks to download and transmit its findings to Internet Piracy, told West Francequ'il had filed a complaint against the person who, he said, stolen data on a company server. By last weekend, the Internet had revealed that a company server was not protected, and that extensive data, including lists of IP (Internet Protocol) and a copy of the software used by TMG to track downloaders were freely available.

TMG had explained that this was a test server, and the data that were there were not directly related to those sent to Internet Piracy. The High Authority decided, however, as a precautionary measure to cut the bridge with TMG computer, pending further investigations. Commission Nationale Informatique et Libert├ęs (CNIL) and Internet Piracy had sent investigators Tuesday morning at the headquarters of TMG to conduct audits, the results are not yet known.

In the meantime, Eric Walter, secretary general of Internet Piracy, said that the findings of TMG would be transmitted on a physical medium. UNCERTAIN DECISIONS In France, reporting faults computer by third parties is traditionally low sentenced by the courts, who reckon that if the user is acting in good faith to warn about the existence of a fault, it should not be condemned.

A case challenging the trial last year in a case before the appeal hearing has not yet occurred. How these gaps have been found to be debate within the community of security experts: some computer scientists call for a full publication of the mechanisms of the fault, others for partial publication pending correction of the problem .

Jurisprudence is also fluctuating with respect to "the intrusion into a computer system." In general, the intrusion is characterized only if the user has circumvented protective measures in place to access the data. But in some cases, courts have held that there was intrusion even if the machine was not protected, as long as the person who discovered the flaw has used detection tools that are not accessible to the general public.

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