Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Hacker against UN and governments" Suspicions about China

The computer security company McAfee has announced that it has discovered the largest series of attacks in history, in violation of the database of 72 subjects. Among the victims were United Nations, the governments of the United States, Canada, South Korea, India, Vietnam and Taiwan, the International Olympic Committee, the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian States), World Anti-Doping nl'Agenzia, umber of companies and hi-tech defense industries.

McAfee is the second attack by a "governmental entity" is not identified, according to various experts who would be China. The offensive had begun hacking at least since 2006 and was christened by the discoverers Shady Operation RAT. The act of piracy carried out against the UN began in 2008 with the interference in the database of the General Secretariat in Geneva and went on undisturbed for two years.

"Even we were surprised by the enormous diversity of organizations and victims of the attack we were taken aback by the boldness of those who perpetrated," said the vice president of the antivirus company, Dmitri Alperovtich in the long note in which he made known events. "What happened to all these data is still an open question.

But if even a small part of them was used for acts of unfair competition, it would be an economic danger of massive size." McAfee is aware of piracy campaign in March this year, when its workers have traced the attacks during the review of a server "command and control" that was discovered in 2009 during an investigation of infringement database of companies in the defense sector.

The code name "RAT" stands for "Remote access tools", a type of software used by security experts (and the hackers themselves) to access computer networks from afar. Some of the attacks lasted only a few weeks, but the longest - identified as directed by the IOC an "Asian nation" is not identified - went on for over two years.

Companies and governments are violated every day. They are losing competitiveness and national secrets for the benefit of unfair competition, "said Alperovitch told Reuters." It 'the most massive transfer of intellectual property in history. Its size is very worrying. "McAfee has warned the 72 stakeholders and investigations are underway around the world.

But the origin of the attack, the attacks seem to converge on the possibility that it is the Chinese government. If it is said convinced the expert consulted by McAfee, Jim Lewis of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, that the nature of targets reveals a particular interest in Beijing.

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