Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cell phone hackers: Android phone trojan records

Smartphones also can catch viruses: A new malicious program for Android phones stores in addition to telephone calls associated data. Just a typo that prevents users can be spied on. Cologne - A new Trojan attracted the attention not only of IT security experts. The malware, potentially affects everyone who leads with an Android phone calls.

As Dinesh Venkatesan, an employee of the security company, Total Defense, announced in a blog post, the Trojan is activated by the start of a call and then records the audio file of the call and related information as a text file on the SD card of the phone on. The next time you call the malicious program tries to "phone home" and send the recorded data to a remote server.

Because the programmer of the Trojan have made an error at one point, the data transfer is currently not functioning. Android phone users can easily succumb to the malicious program, because it appears as "Android system message" and prompts the user to click an Install button. Until now, the Trojan was not yet in the wild has been found, but only in a channel with malware collections.

But generally the rule in security circles believes that 2011 will be the year of mobile malware. Smartphone users should be advised to always behave rationally and to comply with the installation of applications while browsing basic safety rules. An application such as the current Trojans, in the installation dialog even describes exactly what it does ("audio stores," "will read from phone" status) should not rely on mobile phone users.

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