Wednesday, August 3, 2011

UK allows private copying of works protected by copyright

The United States changed its policy against infringements of intellectual property. From the outset, admit the legality of the lawful owner of a work can make a private copy of it for personal use. The regulations specifically clarify that private copies can not be shared. Moreover, the Government withdraws draft a law that imposes blocking sites considered copyright infringers.

This is not supposed to stop persecuting them. British regulations also introduce a warning system to detect Internet users who break the law by downloading copy protected commercially.

The persistence of this behavior may lead to the withdrawal of the Internet connection. Internet users who receive the notice may appeal against the veracity of it but will have to deposit £ 20 a precautionary measure to do so. This measure is to prevent those affected systematically discuss the veracity of the allegation.

If this was proven false be refunded to the innocent surfer. The UK is among the few European countries that did not allow private copying. In Spain it is recognized and this justifies the existence of the digital canon, its proponents as a method of compensation to the author by the existence of such copy.

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