Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The new Chrome speed up downloading of pages viewed from Google

The new version of the Google browser, Chrome, is to accelerate the download page for viewing from the list of search results from Google. The tool is called Instant Pages, already being tested. The method is based on Chrome download the first search engine listing pages so that when Internet users click to see one of them, the browser will already have it and serve it faster.

Google has developed a video that compares different maneuvers search and consultation with the traditional system and from the new Chrome. The difference in downloading pages from each other ranging from 7.2 seconds to 3.8. It is possible that Google relies on the +1 button and browsing history to refine these downloads preventive.

Some analysts have already raised the impact that this resource in the statistics on page views. In fact, Chrome flame and then go to sites that are not consulted by the Internet and prepared to offer Chrome faster if you finally decide to visit the web surfer. Chrome visit the internet but not the query.

This may trigger site visits but they're not actually consulted by the Internet. The tool can be disabled from the advanced browser options. In June this year, Google told the daily operation of Instant Pages that inherits the name of the service predicts search results as you type the word into the Google window.

Another improvement is the new browser to preview pages for printing using a PDF reader. It also improves the management of tabs and address bar. The new version has been used to correct various vulnerabilities.

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