Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Android, iPhone, Windows clash at age three "post-pc"

"Defending the ecosystem of Android." This is the mantra repeated by Google after the acquisition of Motorola's Mobility millionaire, a move which in fact is an unexpected counter to legal action from Apple and Microsoft in the storm - and fish - the sea of mobile technology. Translated into understandable words, the "defense of the ecosystem of Android" means the purchase of over 17000 patents of Motorola, other than 7500 being considered for approval.

And then, built around the mobile platform from Google with a cordon sanitaire of legal deposit, recognized and impervious to outside. A sign of what really matters in the economy of the era "post-PC", where the computer comes out of the chassis to get into many other devices. And the opportunities to multiply citations in court.

The three in the field. Lately, there have been other spectacular shots: the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft is another step towards the common path to the big "players" of the market, pointing to a global focus on what it produces and passes through the 'pooling of resources. Google-Android-Motorola, Microsoft-Windows-Phone Nokia and Apple Mac-IOS-full are three companies that can produce their own "operational ecosystem" and the hardware to run it.

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