Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sony lowers the price of the Playstation 3

The Japanese electronics giant Sony announced on Wednesday, August 17, a decline in the price of its consoles PlayStation 3 (PS3) in Japan, the United States and Europe. In Europe, the model with a 160 gigabyte hard drive will be sold  in the United States, $249 against $ 299 .

Versions have a 320 GB hard drive will receive a similar price drop. "Historically, we see that our lower prices lead to increases in sales and we expect the same this time," said Jack Tretton, head of the unit, Sony PlayStation U.S., the news agency Reuters.

This decrease in the price of the PS3 comes a week after the publication of sales figures of new games in July, which reached their lowest level in nearly five years, according to the specialist retail NDP. This decision could therefore also benefit retailers, video game publishers like Electronic Arts and accessory manufacturers.

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