Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HTC against Apple in the U.S. for patent infringement

The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC smartphones announced Tuesday, April 16, he filed a complaint against Apple for patent infringement before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) and in a court of Delaware. The Taiwanese company accused the giant of violating its intellectual property rights related to three patents in its Macintosh computers, iPods, iPhone and iPad, HTC said in a statement.

"We call this action against Apple to protect our intellectual property, our industry partners and most importantly, our customers using HTC phones," said the group's legal officer, in a statement. It's the third time the group filed a complaint before the ITC against Apple for patent infringement, she said.

HTC asks the court for the payment of damages and a ban on import of Apple in the U.S. any material violating the patents, according to a copy of the complaint obtained by the blog TechCrunch specializing in technology. Prosecution for patent infringement are very common among groups of communication technologies.

Apple has already accused HTC and other manufacturers of smart phones using Google's operating system, Android, to violate its own patents.

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