Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Firefox 6 is the last of its kind

Again a new version: The latest Mozilla browser than three months old, is already available for download Firefox 6. In the future there will be a new version every six weeks - to the user not to be very annoying to the developers thought about a trick. Cologne - Starting today, it's official, Mozilla Firefox is the browser in the sixth version available for download.

Already? Some will ask, where is it only just came out version 5th At this pace, the surfer must be used in future, every six weeks should there be an update. Thus the number change is not permanent is not created some confusion, the version numbers should not be displayed. Even from the dialog "Firefox / Help / About Firefox" will disappear the current number currently displayed information.

Instead, then a display will appear as "Firefox has reviewed the update was 20 minutes, you have the latest version," said Mozilla spokesman Asa Dotzler. In the short time since the last jump point it obviously has been no revolutionary changes. The updated browser will now also start faster, it provides an improved plug-in management.

Rather than as previously cumbersome to shimmy through the menu dialog, the user can, thanks to a new add-on manager with a mouse click to check the timeliness of the installed helper. But already are casting the upcoming issues number 7 and 8 of their shadows. Their functionality can now test out the curious.

All they need to try only the Aurora version 7 or Firefox nightly build of version 8. Firefox is the seventh among others, improved memory management, therefore, makes Firefox 8 with inappropriate and annoying catch during the installation of add-ons so. External add-ons will be installed only after express consent of the user, so the annoyance over unsolicited toolbars appears likely to have an end.

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