Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google buys Motorola to resemble Apple

Dramatic effect Google's mobile phone business. The most powerful Internet company just announced the purchase of Motorola Mobility, which is endowed with the capacity to manufacture their own devices and thus make Apple look like the team to beat. The transaction is valued at 12,500 million dollars (8,700 million), which is considered the most purchase.

Google will make a cash payment of $ 40 per share, equivalent to value their securities more than 63% a close on Friday on Wall Street. It is expected that the operation is carried out in late 2011. Motorola, Nokia, is lagging behind in the business of mobile telephony. Your interactive tablets phones already use the Google Android operating system.

Google's announcement creates a new competitive dynamics in the growing business of access to data anywhere, anytime. The Mountain View giant has tried to launch its own phone in partnership with HTC, the Nexus. But ran into logistical problems led him to give priority to agreements with manufacturers to equip their Android devices.

Both Motorola and Google make it clear that this agreement does not prevent other companies to continue using the operating system, and guarantee that it will remain open. The announcement comes just as South Korea's Samsung, another user of Android, is preparing to launch a new device in the U.S.

with which it intends to shade the Apple iPhone. The Android ecosystem is the only one currently able to cope with the onrushing technological Palo Alto. Google gives this change to buy a business is structured to go to a more vertical rather than focusing solely on programming. Although Motorola Mobility states that will be managed as a separate company.

Larry Page, who recently returned months to take charge of the dot-com I think Sergei Brin, said the two companies fit perfectly, and together create "an incredible experience" for the mobile user. Also, ensure that the marriage of titans will not only benefit consumers also to partners and mobile application developers and tablets.

Google and Apple and compete side by side. The question is to know what the response from Microsoft, which already has a partnership agreement with Nokia to use the new version of Windows Mobile operating system. Given the thrust of its rivals, as was speculated in the past with the Redmond company could buy the European manufacturer of mobile phones.

The purchase of Motorola Mobilty by Google should be examined by regulators in the U.S. and Europe. The review will be complex. The Internet giant is already being investigated on both sides of the Atlantic for its overwhelming dominance in the Internet, and specifically in the business of electronic advertising.

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