Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gears of War 3, between film and videogame

With 13 million copies of previous versions on the market and a record in reserves (1.2 million) before being sold, Gears of War 3 will close the saga. One of the flagship titles xBox 360 will complete the last mission starring Marcus Fenix. Rod Ferguson, executive producer of the game has a bittersweet: "We are proud to reach this point with so much success, but thought it was just.

Stop at the top, otherwise it would betray our faithful." This concern for the followers of this franchise is reflected in the game, several modes: racing, arcade, and, most interestingly, of the mission. "I understand that buying a game is a decision that involves a payment, so I am interested to use it for a long time and in various ways," adds the producer.

In any case, the immersion is total. The feeling of control you have from the very introduction: Marcus has a bad dream, his father, allegedly killed him in the nightmare round. Soon to abandon ship and take the final mission with the usual squad mates. From that first moment you get the feeling of being in a film whose camera is controlled with the knobs on the console.

The left thumb to advance the right to choose view to discover the surroundings. Despite the care of the graphics, with a level of detail closer to a movie, no plot Ferguson believes there is nothing to do: "Therefore we have Karen Travis, author of bestselling science fiction as a writer, to have an interesting story, hitch.

No one called her creation of characters and narrative of the comic. " Shows. The script is so careful not need a previous experience with Gears of War, there is enough context to know the history without being repetitive for veterans. Gears of War 3 is not a game for children, but to adapt certain content.

For example, no sex, and can avoid gore scenes of violence or profanity. It may not be the same for the fans, maybe break the emotion of the moment, but it opens the range of potential players. Most fans can collect the series of figures of the protagonists. Microsoft is preparing a commemorative edition of the Xbox console.

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